Friday, February 23, 2018

Stress Management

workipAre you dealing with job stress, co-worker conflicts, stressful job situations and the threat of burnout or stress-related illness?

WORK is the biggest source of stress for adults.  Adding to the fuel is today's economic crisis.

Excessive stress causes numerous health and mental problems. Workplace stress costs U.S. employers an estimated $200 billion per year in absenteeism, lower productivity, and staff turnover.

Learn how to manage stress in the workplace. On-site training is available. Contact your Caribbean Representative.

Managing change and stress in the workplace

Change is one of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace and it is inevitable.

As people, processes and products come and go, employees may have to perform their duties differently. Employees can become frustrated and distracted, which interrupts work flow and results in decreased productivity and increased company transitional costs.

Today’s financial crisis is having more than an economic impact on consumers and businesses. It’s fueling chronic stress and generating significant changes in the workplace. While business owners and managers are pressured to meet quarterly revenue objectives and search for the next recipe for success, employees are losing sleep as they struggle to cope with the changes and pressures at work and the challenges in their personal lives.

Learn how to minimize stress and increase productivity.

The ability to adapt to change and minimize stress is a key characteristic of successful organizations. Unless organizations address the biological and emotional responses to change, they will continue to fall short in their attempts to lead successful change initiatives

We will provide your executives, managers, supervisors and employees with the skills they need to cope with stress and change that are essential for: successful leadership, increasing productivity, improving communication skills and raising team morale.

This 1 Day seminar takes a common sense approach to stress management and managing change, as reflected in current theory and organizational best practices. To bridge the gap between theory and on-the-job practice, concepts are supported by facts, stories, anecdotes, and group lab/exercises that are meaningful and easy to remember.

A detailed topic outline is available upon request.


''Too many people spend the first half of life building their wealth and losing their health, only to spend the second half of life losing their wealth to regain their health.''