Friday, February 23, 2018

combormHave you considered On-Site Training?  

Use your own training facility.

By hosting an On-Site seminar you will have more control over:

  • Course seminar topics and structure
  • Seminar schedule, locaton, size and audience
  • Conistent training across your organization
  • Confidentiality: With only your employees present, sensitive and proprietary issues can be addressed during the seminar.

Customize training:

  • Combine two or more seminars
  • Reduce the duration of a seminar
  • Courses can be planned around individual and department schedules.

Improve Rentention:

Organizations should consider adding regular in-house training to sitmulate interactive "in-class" discussions that will ensure more successful retention of material.

    More control, more choices, and better results!

    To receive a quote for a group of 10 or more candidates, please contact our training coordinators at +1(727) 388-9007.