Friday, February 23, 2018

Cyber Forensic Training

cybercrime-fingerprint--banner-3 "Hands-on" Mobile Device and Computer Forensic Investigation training is available in the Caribbean.

Led by Cyber Forensic Experts that work within Top US Government law enforcement agencies.




Cybercrime in the Caribbean is on the rise.

From everyday crimes like hackers accessing personal or financial information, to industrial crimes and espionage, including insider theft and attacks on computer systems that control nuclear plants, power plants, dams and the electrical grid; increased connectivity has allowed criminals to commit almost any illegal activity anywhere in the world.  

To help the Caribbean respond and investigate cybercrime, Mindshare Resources has released two cybercrime forensic investigation courses. 


Advanced Computer Forensic Investigation

  • Students will learn the "hands-on" how to handle computer forensic investigations from the initial notification of an incident, to evidence identification and forensic acquisition, to in-depth forensic analysis, and developing case reports and expert witness testimony;
  • Including how to handle network intrusion investigations, and malware identification and analysis

  • Training is provided through the use of free / shareware tools --providing even the most financially conscientious corporations with the ability to respond to cyber attacks.


Core: Mobile Forensic Investigation

  • Through hands-on labs, students will learn the structure of logical file systems that begin with Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM) and continue through mobile file systems. They will utilize test phones, SIM card readers, and SIM card file system reading program.
  • Students will understand the primary core fundamentals of mobile forensics to include the legal process, evidence contamination and prevention, logical tool protocols, changes that tools can make to file systems, validations steps, manual exams and reporting findings.

  • Student will learn to use both proprietary and open source forensic tools --improving their ability in the field to perform simple extractions and make read-time decisions about mobile forensics


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