Friday, February 23, 2018

Press Release Update


News Update: Successful Co-Hosted Training Event with Central Bank of Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados, Grande Salle, Frank Colleymore Hall



Caribbean organizations like Central Bank of Barbados understand the importance of conducting risk and vulnerability assessments. First identify threats and weaknesses and then prioritize cost-effective improvements.

For this special event, Mindshare Resources combined its Core Level and Advanced Level physical security risk analysis and vulnerability assessments seminars, normally a four-day event, into a single two-day concentrated seminar.

Students from cross-sector industries in the Caribbean, learned about hardening building design, protection system components, executive protection, and risk and vulnerability assessment methodologies, including those used by the SANDIA National Laboratories, US Department of Defense, and US Homeland Security. 




Seminar participants included:co-hosted-training---bb-group


• Physical security, safety professionals
• Business continuity, and emergency preparedness professionals
• Finance, audit, and compliance professionals
• Risk management professionals
• Information security convergence professionals




Mindshare Resources would like to thank all the staff at the Frank Colleymore Hall and Corbin's Catering for their professional attention to detail and kind generousity. The "fying fish" was delectable!












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