Friday, February 23, 2018

Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments

physec-buildings-guard-bannerBefore you make improvements, perform an audit of your existing security system.  Learn how.


Are you planning to improve your existing security?   Here a few tips.

Tip # 1:  Before making any changes or upgrades, perform a physical security vulnerability assessment and identify your risk exposure.

Tip # 2:  Train your staff how to conduct a risk and vulnerability assessment.  At minimum, they will learn what to reasonably expect from outside consultants who may be hired to perform the risk and vulnerability assessment.

Tip # 3:  Never purchase security equipment from the same company that conducted the vulnerabiluty assessment of your facility.


If you are planning a security upgrade that will cost your company either $ 1000 dollars or $ 10,000 dollars, doesn't it make sense to spend 1% percent of your planned upgrade investment on learning "how to" conduct a risk and physical security vulnerability assessment?

Maximize your workforce talent.  The greatest resource a company has is its people.  


To learn more about our physical security risk analysis and vulnerability assessment training programs in the Caribbean, click here.